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Boiler Bliss: 4 Easy steps to a worry-free winter.

As summer is coming to a close and we are starting to say goodbye to our fans and air-con, now is the perfect time to switch our attention to our heating systems and start getting ready for all that winter has in store.

Often the arrival of winter can fill us with dread – the possibility of waking up to a chilly house, needing to have a freezing shower and the prospect of a hefty bill landing on your doorstep if anything goes wrong! The good news – there are some quick and easy ways you can prepare your boiler to avoid potential problems and ensure cosy mornings no matter what the weather is outside.

1. Annual Service

Similar to a car, a regular boiler service is key to maintaining your warranty and ensuring it is performing as it should to keep you and your family warm. During a service our Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect your boiler to guarantee that all elements are working correctly and they will clean or replace parts as needed.

Regular maintenance of your boiler not only reduces the risk of your boiler breaking down but can help to maintain its energy efficiency, keeping your costs as low as possible.

2. Bleed your radiators.

A quick and easy way to help reduce the strain on your boiler is to check for cold spots on your radiators and bleed them if necessary.

If your radiators have cold spots when warm, particularly towards the top, this can be a sign of trapped air. By bleeding your radiators, it allows for this trapped air to be released and lets the warm water begin to flow freely. This can help your rooms to warm up faster and reduce the load on your boiler.

Top Tip: After bleeding your radiators, the pressure in your system may have dropped – to address this you simply need to add more water to your system to guarantee peak performance.

3. Insulate your pipes.

Frozen pipes are one of the most common culprits for broken down boilers in the winter months. When a pipe freezes it can prevent the boiler from functioning or even cause the pipes to burst.

The most cost-effective measure to avoid an expensive breakdown is to make sure your pipes are properly insulated with lagging or foam to protect against the upcoming frost.

4. Check your pressure levels.

It’s common for boilers to lose pressure over time, but if it gets too low it could result in cutting off your heating and hot water completely. By regularly checking and repressurising your boiler you can maintain its peak performance.

If you notice your boiler is dropping in pressure frequently, it’s best to get a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect the system for any potential leaks or underlying issues.

Preparation is key to avoid any unwanted bills this winter season - by following these tips you can have peace of mind that you are minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns and cold showers. Looking for some professional help? Here at George Kitchen our team of fully qualified Gas Safe engineers are on hand to keep your boiler and your day running smoothly.

Contact us today to book in your boiler service on 074969 901102.


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