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How To Send Your Photos To Us.

At George Kitchen, we ask you to send us photos of your boiler and home as it is the easiest and quickest way for us to generate a boiler quote to you. We aim to give you the most simple and efficient service from quote request to boiler installation as we understand the struggle of with living without hot water or heating.

In our boiler quote form, which you can find here, we ask you to send us photos of your boiler and home. The more images you can provide, the quicker and easier it will be for us to generate you a quote for your boiler installation.

Taken on your smartphone or any camera, these are the images we ask from you to make the process as quick as possible.

1. Your Boiler

This should be an image of your current boiler in your home.

Here are some tips to take this image:

  • Make sure all the boiler is visible in the image (e.g. no corners are cut off).

  • Make sure there is enough light to take the image so the boiler is completely visible in the photo.

  • Check that there is nothing obstructing the view of the boiler.

  • Be aware of your distance from the boiler when taking the image - 1 metre distance would be ideal.

2. Pipework

We also request an image solely of the pipework under your boiler. To take this image:

  • Ensure that the lighting is sufficient enough to see the pipework in the photo.

  • Remove any objects from obstructing the view of the pipework.

  • Just like the boiler image stand about 1 metre away.

3. Your Home

For the third image, this should be an image of the front of your house. Ensure that in this image:

  • The whole of your house is visible in the image.

  • Nothing is in front of your house blocking its visibility.

  • Consider the time of day. Make sure there is enough daylight to clearly see your home in the image.

  • Stand at the front of your house.

4. Flue

This image is to show the flue exit outside of your house. Please ensure:

  • As for the boiler and pipework images, stand about a metre away from the flue exit.

  • Include any openings close to the boiler flue.

  • Consider the lighting - make sure the flue is visible in the photo.

  • Take away any objects obstructing the view of the flue.

The easiest way to send us you photo’s is by using our boiler quote form. Alternatively, you can send us your boiler images to or call 07496 901102 and we will respond as soon as possible.


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