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The Benefits of Having an Ideal Combi-Boiler in Your Home.

There is no wonder why combination boilers are the most popular boiler choice among UK homeowners. Not only are there many factors that make them one of the most cost effective, easy to use boilers you can buy, but they also do not require much storage space. As they are a condensing boiler, they are designed as a single unit so they do not require an additional tank for water storage.

Below are some of the reasons as to why the Ideal combi-boiler is a great choice for your heating needs.

Benefits of buying an Ideal Combo-Boiler.

1. Easy to use

The ideal combi-boiler gives you more control over the amount of energy you use in your home.

2. Hot water instantly

You will never have to worry about having access to hot water with a combi-boiler as they are capable of heating water on demand in a matter a seconds.

3. High Energy Efficiency

Ideal combi-boilers are rated A in energy efficiency, meaning you will get the most out of your money.

High efficiency = Lower heating bills!

4. Cost effective & affordable to maintain

The ideal combi-boiler is a condensing boiler - meaning it is highly efficient. Not only this, but their advanced design and engineering makes it less costly to install and to carry out maintenance on.

5. Great warranty options

Ideal have a range of warranties to choose from so you can be confident your boiler will stand the test of time. Ideal combi-boilers come with a standard 2-5 year warranty and with premium models you can get either a 7, 10 or 12 year warranty.

Do you need a boiler installation? Get in touch with us at George Kitchen and we are confident we will be able to solve any of your plumbing and heating needs.


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