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The Top 5 boiler headaches to avoid this winter.

It’s never ideal for something to go wrong with your boiler, but it’s even worse when something goes awry as the cold weather is rolling in.

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home that ensures everything stays running smoothly, so check out our list of common boiler issues to help you quickly identify any potential problems and keep your home warm this winter.

1. Dripping or leaking

One of the most common gas boiler problems that occurs is a boiler leak. Leaks can range from a little drip or a steadier flow of water coming from your boiler. This can occur for a number of reasons such as:

- A faulty component

- A broken seal

- Excessive boiler pressure

- Corroded tanks or pipes

A leak can be a serious issue that not only affects your boiler, but can cause water damage in your home, and should be addressed by a registered Gas Safe engineer as soon as possible.

2. Low pressure

If you are finding that your radiators are remaining cold or you have a lack of hot water, you may find that your gas boiler has low pressure. The pressure level of your boiler can be found by checking the front panel – whether this is a digital display or a physical dial.

Low pressure may be caused by a leak in your system which will need to be investigated and addressed by a registered gas safe engineer or your boiler may simply need to be repressurised.

3. Unusual noises

Whilst many things can go bump in the night, your boiler shouldn’t be one of them!

If your gas boiler has started to make some unusual noises such as gurgling, knocking, or whistling sounds, it may be time to get it checked. These noises may be a symptom of a problem caused by low pressure, limescale build up or even a failing pump. A qualified engineer will be able to assess the cause of the noise and address the underlying problem.

4. Pilot light going out.

A common fault people often experience with older gas boilers is the pilot light going out. This may be due to a draft causing the light to extinguish which often can be simply reignited by following the instructions in your manufacturer’s manual.

If the pilot light keeps going out, this is often a sign that the necessary parts required to keep the pilot light on, such as the thermocouple, may have worn over time and need replacing. This can be addressed by a registered Gas Safe engineer who will be able to identify the problem and repair or replace essential parts.

5. No heating or hot water

We all rely on our boilers to keep our homes and our showers warm, so when they aren’t performing, this needs to be addressed quickly! There are a few things you can do to immediately troubleshoot such as:

- Check that your boiler is connected to power. They can often be switched off during power cuts or trips.

- Check your boilers pressure – if the pressure becomes too high or too low the system will switch off automatically.

- Check your boilers thermostat.

Are you experiencing any issues with your gas boiler?

We always recommend contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer for any kind of gas boiler faults or maintenance.

Here at George Kitchen, we operate a 24-hour callout, meaning that our team are always on hand to ensure that you and your family can remain warm, no matter the hour.

Whilst some faults are unavoidable, there are steps that can be taken to help prevent these issues occurring. By having your boiler serviced annually by our dedicated team of engineers, you can reduce the risk of being left in the lurch without heating or hot water when it really matters.

Contact us at or alternatively you can call us on 07496 901102, so we can keep you warm this winter.


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