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  • Should I repair or replace my old boiler?
    We recommend to replace your boiler, especially if the boiler is 15 + years old. Repairing a broken boiler can be just as expensive as buying a new boiler, which can also cause more problems in the future as the existing components are still going to be older and more worn down than the new parts. When replacing, your new boiler will be covered by warranty. So in the event of a boiler breakdown, you will receive a repair at no extra cost! This also shows that the manufacturer must have confidence in their product to last that long.
  • How much does a new boiler cost?
    Prices vary depending on the system installed. To have a straight swap combi boiler supplied and installed you are looking at a price range of £1500-£2000. To convert a conventional system to a combi boiler, the price range will be between £2400-£3500. Many factors affect the pricing, such as location of the boiler, the flueing system required and the length of the warranty. To recieve a free quote from us, click here.
  • What is a combi boiler?
    A combi boiler is a short term for combination boiler. They are the most popular boiler in the UK. It is a single, compact unit which serves two functions - central heating and providing hot water. This means it removes the need for an external hot water tank. These highly efficient boiler are a great choice as: - They are compact, giving you more space in your home. - They are more affordable than other conventional boilers, due to their ability to heat water in smaller quantities. - Provide instant hot water.
  • What is a system boiler?
    A system boiler heats your central heating system directly and stores hot water in a storage cylinder. This means that a constant supply of hot water can be provided to a large number of taps and showers at the same time. This makes it the ideal choice for a home with multiple bathrooms. System boilers are less efficient than combi boilers as they heat a large volume of water and store it until it is used.
  • What is a standard boiler?
    A heat only boiler that is also known as regular or conventional boiler. These are both terms that you may be more familiar with. It is the largest type of boiler and they are fed from a separated cold water tank that is usually located in the loft of the roof. The heated water is then pumped to a hot water storage cylinder where it will be stored until used. This type of boiler is better suited to businesses or large homes that have a considerable demand for water and require multiple taps and showers to use hot water at the same time.
  • What is a flue system?
    The flue is a piece of pipework or duct that moves gases and hot air from the combustion chamber of the boiler to outside. With condensing boilers, the flue is effectively part of the heating system, as it is the heat from the burned gases that starts warming the returning water from the system.
  • What is an ErP label?
    ErP labels is short for Energy Related Products. In 2015 the European Union set this new regulation, which is designed to enhance the efficiency of heating and hot water products to homeowners. The ErP label runs from A++ to G, with A++ being the most energy efficient and G the least energy efficient.
  • What does my warranty cover?
    Your boiler warranty will cover all components within the boiler. If you ever have an issue with the boiler you simply call the number on the warranty certificate which will have been supplied by the installer and the manufactures will make an appointment to carry out the necessary repair works.
  • Do I need to activate my warranty?
    If you are having your boiler supplied and installed by George Kitchen, then there is no need for you to register your warranty as we will take care of this for you.
  • Is there any call out charges for warranty claims?
    There would be no charge for the callout if the boiler is at fault and there is nothing external from the boiler which is stopping the boiler from operating. If you ever have a fault with a boiler installed by George Kitchen, we would be more than happy for you to contact us to check if it’s the boiler at fault or a system problem before deciding to arrange a warranty call.
  • Will my old boiler be taken away?
    Yes. The removal of existing boilers is all included within the price.
  • Are your installers Gas Safe Registered?
    Yes. All engineers carrying out installations for George Kitchen are Gas Safe registered.
  • What do I need to do prior to my install?
    Installing a new boiler can be a little messy so it would be a good idea to clear any of your items away from the area installation. We pride ourselves on good house keeping so if you have any carpets or flooring you are concerned about, you can be assured we will protect them before the installation commences. We will also need access to all radiators to carry out flushing, balancing and venting works.
  • Will boiler installation make a mess?
    We keep all mess to a minimum when carrying out a boiler installation and clean up the area before we leave.
  • Who carries out my annual service?
    Any Gas Safe engineer can carry out a boiler service but we will always remind you before its due with the hope that you will use us.
  • Can I change my mind before installation?
    Yes of course. It is always helpful if you could give at least 24hrs notice if you do choose to change your mind.
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