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Gas Boiler Services: A Complete Guide

Do I really need a gas boiler service?

It’s no secret that heating our homes can be expensive, so it is important that our boilers are operating at maximum efficiency to ensure that no money is lost when the cold weather rolls around. Worst still – if you don’t treat your boiler properly, it’s likely you’ll come unstuck later, usually being left without heating or hot water when you need it most.


A gas boiler service not only makes sure your wallet is protected, but it also guarantees that your warranty is maintained, and that the boiler continues to be safe to use. 


What does a gas boiler service actually involve?

Whilst different providers may offer varying gas boiler servicing options, there are a range of things that an engineer will check when performing a gas boiler service. They will conduct a visual inspection to confirm that the boiler has been installed correctly, that all the components are functioning as they should, and that there are no signs of damage or corrosion.


During a gas boiler service, an engineer will check to see if there are any leaking or broken elements in your boiler that could allow harmful chemicals to escape - such as carbon monoxide - which could prove to be very dangerous. While there are some things you can do yourself to help maintain your gas boiler, it’s important that these services are carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep you and your family safe.


A Gas Safe registered engineer will check to see whether there are any faults with the boiler and that the pilot light is on and the correct colour, as well as checking your boiler pressure, the controls, and verify it’s vented correctly. It’s normal for an engineer to carry out maintenance during a gas boiler service; this could include removing dirt and debris from elements of the boiler and replacing any seals that may have corroded over time.


How often do I need to get my boiler serviced?

The manufacturer of each boiler will specify how often your boiler will need to be serviced to maintain its warranty, but generally it’s once a year for most makes and models. We always suggest that you get your gas boiler serviced before the colder months kick in to avoid being left without heating or hot water during the chilliest times of the year.


It’s important that you ensure your boiler is serviced to the manufacturers specifications to keep out of pocket expenses at bay.


What is a gas safety check?

During a gas safety check, an engineer will test all the gas appliances in your home to make sure that they are still operating safely. It’s normal for them to take carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide readings from your boiler, as well as inspecting elements such as the flue to guarantee that all parts are operating as they should and that there is no obvious wear and tear.


Could I need a boiler replacement?

Like with any appliance, elements of your boiler may degrade over time and lead you to needing to replace your boiler entirely for safety and efficiency reasons. However, by making sure that your boiler is regularly serviced, it’s likely that the engineer will proactively identify any maintenance required during your annual gas boiler service, making the necessary replacements, and avoiding your boiler needing to be replaced prematurely.


Can I book my gas boiler service?

Absolutely, the team here at George Kitchen are on hand to ensure your boiler is safely maintained throughout the year – to book in your gas boiler service, contact our team at or alternatively you can call us on 07496 901102.


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